Homeless Faith Partnership

BHFA is in the process of launching its new database and questionnaire to the 100 faith groups that are its members and the few others who are yet to join.  The charity has been asked to play a role in developing new services for the homeless post lockdown. The Brighton & Hove homelessness strategy expects day centres and night shelters not to operate and new models of working to include visits to accommodation, mentoring and befriending will likely be the norm. BHFA will gather information as to what the faith community is currently undertaking, seek to co-ordinate current efforts and help design new services as well as provide a conduit for volunteers from the faith communities to work in each other’s projects and with other established groups within the town that are requesting help.

BHFA member organisations continue to play a significant role working to tackle homelessness and isolation within the city and combatting food poverty.  BHFA trustees have been working with homeless charities including Deen Relief (Muslim), Salvation Army (Christian), Time to Talk Befriending (Christian) and St Anne’s Day Centre (Christian) to ensure food is delivered to those living alone, isolated, homeless in hostels and to incredibly busy hospital staff.