We are Brighton and Hove Faith in Action

We are a multi-faith charity, bringing together people from across Brighton and Hove who find common ground in wanting to help the poor and the persecuted, the hungry and the homeless, the lonely and the vulnerable.

Our work has united three-quarters of all religious groups in the city over the last five years, bringing together people of all faiths in a multi-faith setting.  

We use the power of our collective beliefs and knowledge of community needs to drive, design and deliver projects that create positive societal change.

The global economic crisis of 2008 left Brighton and Hove battling an increase in poverty and personal debt. The community was hit by higher unemployment and inflation, coupled with wage freezes and cuts – the challenges of which are still being felt more than a decade later.

Greater demand for social care, as life expectancy increased and the elderly population grew, put the city council under huge pressure to deliver more welfare services to more people – but with greatly reduced budgets.

So what could be done to tackle this perfect storm? In 2012 and 2013, two significant reports highlighted the potential for local authorities to work with faith groups in their areas:

Faithful Providers

A report by the think-tank Demos that investigates 20 faith motivated organisations across a variety of policy areas.

Faith in the Community

A report sponsored by the Evangelical Alliance and published by the All-Party Parliamentary Group of Christians in Parliament.  Strengthening ties between faith groups and local authorities. 

Both reports concluded communities would be better served if councils and faith groups worked together, and recommended studies be carried out to identify opportunities for partnerships which could improve the lives of the most vulnerable.

No existing charity was suitable to carry out the work, so in Brighton Lev Eakins and Rev Martin Poole took matters into their own hands and created one, alongside the trustees of faith groups in the city offering the most help to those who desperately needed it. Its aim was to try to plug the gaps that appear when public services are unable to meet rising demand.









The year started with a new lockdown which has significantly restricted everybody's activity.  The charity now has an office at the BMECP centre which will be staffed in the near future.  

At present, BHFA has been supporting the faith community with its attempts to re-open safely for worship, prayer and other gatherings.  The AGM, held on 16th March, hosted a conversation between Daniel Singleton, Director of national faith network, Faith Action and Professor Jim McManus, Vice President of the Directors of Public Health.  The meeting was held over Zoom and a film of the useful discussion will be available soon, with some downloads. Please do check back.

Additionally, the charity has launched Street Support - Brighton & Hove with partners, many of them members of Brighton & Hove Faith in Action.


BHFA organises a number of events which are open to the public.  The Faith Council welcomes observers although only members can play a full role in the meeting. Information our events can be found to the right.  Everyone is most warmly invited whether you are a person of faith or not.

Faith Council - Zoom Meeting: alternate Tuesdays, 12 noon from August 11th 2020. Please contact us for login details.

The Faith Tour - on hold due to Covid. YouTube videos accessible via icon below.

Survey of Faith Organisations - on-going autumn 2020

BHFA New Office - will be open December 2020